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Parsely Features
What is Chartbeat? 
What is GA? 
What is IO Technologies? 
What is Mixpanel? 
What is Quantcast Measure? 
What is InfOnline? 
What is Gauges? 
What is Sprout? 
What is Content Insights?
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Parsely is a content analyzer tool that breaks down the merit of your content into quantifiable measurement metrics and puts them up on a dashboard so you know how your content is performing.

The data analysis you can see in this tool is: performance of an author based on content posted, how many devices visited the website, what is the historical view of the content, what is the performance of individual posts, what sections are popular and which sites are linking to your site. You can view all these data, turn them into reports and then use them to gather vital business intelligence that will help improve your website.

Parsely Features

  •   The content dashboards

It’s a dashboard that has real-time data on everything related to content performance. There are various vital media metrics that you can track through the dashboard. These are how many views your site is receiving, how many visitors the website has overall, how many times people shared your content, etc.

Popular websites like TechCrunch and The Intercept use Parsley along with 700 other high traffic websites.

  •  API

 With the help of the APIs from, you can integrate the traffic data for your website with the existing content management system. You can also create snapshots of website traffic very quickly to export and analyze.

Parsely API helps integrate the data from the websites or apps you host with and then tracks down real-time user data for the same.

  • Data pipeline

This is the most impressive feature of the parsley suite. The Data Pipeline is an impressive API that helps deliver the unprocessed data of the website containing user data and content analysis to you with minimum work.

You can get all the data processed and categorized through this API and use it to make business decisions. It can be used to provide data for every type. Quantify the number of readers sharing the content on your site, what is the effect of the advertisement of the site, how the newsletters are performing and how many recommendations you have, this API can get you the complete information.

 These types of information are categorized as events, then this data goes to parsley which processes the data in a cognizable format, and delivers back to you with the help of Data Pipeline.

The product suite could definitely be improved, but delivers a compact and powerful solution to marketers that is much better when compared to some other alternatives.


  • Tracks down the traffic details of a website.
  • Know how many readers you have on a daily, hourly and monthly basis.
  • Know where majority of your users coming from and use that platform to promote your content.
  • The analysis received is real-time, which means you can take action on content that is not performing so well, and prioritize content that is popular.
  • The interface is easy to understand.


  • There is no way to know what keywords people are using to search in Google to reach the content on your site.
  • The archive has only one year of storage.
  • The counts of story views can be changing based on which view you are seeing it through.
  • No pointers on where people have shared links on a social media platform (is it on a Facebook page, in a twitter handle?).
  • The simplistic interface means you have to scroll a lot to find different data sets.

What is Chartbeat? 


Chartbeat is another tool that allows social media marketers to understand the performance of their content. It is a good alternative to Parsley analytics and has some great features. The platform can provide a lot of data about your users. How much time are they spending on the website actively engaged in the content by leaving comments, chatting with other users, liking and sharing, etc. is tracked in Chartbeat. The purpose of this data is to make sure you know what content is keeping your visitors occupied and what does not interest them, so you know what kind of content to push to get more media attention and views.

The Chartbeat system has a video dashboard that will show you all the minute details of how people are engaged in any video content that you have created by telling you important details like, how much time a visitor is spending on a video, how engaged they are to it. When you know what kind of videos are making an impression with your clients, you can provide much better service to them by putting out more engaging content.


  • The data provided by Chartbeat is collected in real-time.
  • You can see the physical location of the sources.
  • How many live concurrent visitors are there is shown in the app.
  • The dashboard is very well designed.
  • You can see from where readers are getting directed to your site.


  • Needs to have a historical view to understand how the website is performing comparative to last week, month or year.
  • Cannot see very high level of detail, for which google analytics is a better app.
  • The traffic sources are fine, but they could be much more direct and show where these links are.

What is GA? pricing

Google Analytics does not only have Google’s processing power behind it, it also is free, which makes this one of the top applications for social media marketers. You can measure the success of an ad campaign with this tool.

A question that every social media marketer comes across is, they spend a lot on ad campaigns – but what is the true impact of those campaigns? GA can help you quantify exactly this. You can enter the name of a domain in GA and it will give you how much traffic is generating for your site from this domain and what is the conversion rate of readers. All highly valuable insights.

You can also learn from GA what is the primary reason people use your site for. Are they looking for the products that are on the page? Do they want to know about these products in more detail? Do they need to see some particular topic? Do they need the contact details for your customer care? Know what the customers want, so you can use that insight to make them keep coming back for more.

You can also know the performance of your content individually to understand which content gets more priority. If you have written about five topics, which is the top one in terms of views and reads? Which topic has completely failed to pique user interest? Know what type of content should be added to your website and what has to be removed to you have high performing assets building up the value of the website.


  • Powerful medium that gives a lot of valuable insights on how to increase the productivity of your content or website.
  • Know how your ad campaigns are performing.
  • It is integrated with the google ads platform.
  • There are always new features being added to the tool.


  • There are way too many features which makes the user interface somewhat cluttered.
  • The interface could be difficult to navigate for new users and even for experienced users, it could take some effort.
  • There is no built in URL builders in the site that can track campaigns.

What is IO Technologies? 

parsley analytics

IO Technologies is a proprietary tool that provides very precise intent on your data in real-time. You can use this intel on your content to see how it is performing over a few weeks or months, and if it is trending. You have the option to optimize your content with the aid of A/B testing.

If there are any issues in the metrics that are generated from your website data, then the app alerts you immediately so you can look at the key metrics and take proper action wherever needed.

Know how your content is performing so you can use high performers to monetize your business. The social media results that are generated from Facebook are also available in a dashboard and you will be able to see the metrics of the main media. Collect the data for all social media and compare them against each other in the dashboard where you can see the complete data unified.

By using this tool, you will know how the visitors are experiencing the content, how much time they are spending on the website every session. Use the filters available in the app to see categories of user data so you have a detailed understanding.


  • You have access to an editorial dashboard for various teams.
  • See monetization recommendations in the app.
  • See how authors are performing.
  • Access all the details form a homepage.
  • Access data in real-time.


  • There is no trial or free version available for this app.

What is Mixpanel? 

This is a great solution that has a lot of potential in terms of measuring outreach for mobile and web content. In most other social media marketing tools, we see the familiar metrics like how many page views are generating per day. However, Mixpanel has gone a separate way and tracked user action instead of just broader metrics like the view.

This helps you understand the engagement of your content. The visitor can simply land in your site and scroll leisurely and not do anything else, it will count as a view but does not drive a lot of value behind your business strategy.

You should know how engaged they are to content. Are they uploading an image, leaving a comment, liking a comment, streaming any of your videos or sharing a post you have created? This is what you need to know accurately to understand what topics have better user interest than others.

You can access billions of data points with the help of Mixpanel. This application can analyze around 67 billion actions performed by users and then give that data to the marketers in a clear way that can be easily read and understood. If we are talking about mobile apps or pages, the relevance of this becomes even more important because a majority of the users get their daily dose of social media when they are on their phones.

Another great feature of Mixpanel is that the data they provide is very readable. You are not needed to learn SQL queries to fetch whatever data you need to see, so this is perfectly usable for normal users who are not data scientists. You can see the data easily on Mixpanel and drill down with a few clicks to get all the details you need.


  • They have excellent documentation which makes it very easy to use.
  • The reports are quite easy to handle.
  • The app has an easy interface and handling.


  • The first paid plan is $89, which could be expensive for some.
  • User tracking feature is something this app lacks.

What is Quantcast Measure? 

Quantcast Measure is one of the biggest providers of actionable user intelligence in the market right now. The app can draw in from hundreds of millions of data points from the internet and mobile apps. It uses a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that aids marketers in understanding their brands better and how their audience perceives them, interacts with them, and expects out of them, all in real-time.

There is a free version of the tool available which can do basic profiling. It can also be used for enterprise software as a service that has much detailed functionality and features and is applicable for publishers who have a much bigger audience, at a customized price.

You can identify the key metrics of a website and use it to make decisions of the content, optimize the strategies of search engine. You can also understand where this data is coming from on a geolocational point of view, so you understand the time zone, and interests of your audience at a much deeper level and can identify new opportunities in demographics.


  • See geolocation of the origin of your users that visit the website.
  • Detailed view of the complete volume of traffic.
  • Create much more accurate reports for the business stakeholders.


  • Some of the data generalizations could be more precise.
  • Cannot conduct keyword research into what the audience is searching for.
  • Cannot drill down in your data to minute levels.

What is InfOnline? 

This Germany based data solution expert provides a reliable and transparent way to make precise decisions for the future of your content strategy. With the help of a proprietary measurement process and high-performance measurement infrastructure, they collect data of your websites, apps and mobile-enabled websites.

 Of course, they also offer streaming and advertising media management services along with that. They guarantee that you will get competent advice and excellent technical and administrative support. Experienced service teams, best accessibility and defined reaction times ensure a high initial solution rate which could be perfect for any marketer.


  • Market and future-oriented measurement system for advertising media, advertising media and streaming measurement.
  • They have decades of expertise in digital audience analysis.
  • Standardized analytical system with maximum accuracy.
  • Technical standard is ideal for Germany and Austria.
  • Latest technology for maximum security of your data.


  • Not enough outreach in foreign markets.

What is Gauges? 

This data analytics tool helps enterprises and businesses with data of their website traffic in real-time. Users do not need to wait hours and hours to see the updated and latest data. They have streaming of website data that flows perfectly in a dashboard which is well built and user-friendly.

So, it becomes very easy to keep an eye on the various sites and see what information can give you valuable insights into building your business for success,

Gauges lets you access various important KPIs or metrics. Know where the audience of your website is coming from, where they are going when they leave your page, and what content is keeping them attracted to your website.

This information is vital for companies to understand the demand of their audience so they can convert those demands into marketable actions such as, pushing a product, achieve more subscriptions, etc. It aids marketers in understanding their own brands better and how their audience perceives them, interacts with them, and expects out of them, all in real-time.

This tool will provide you with a blueprint for your entire social media marketing strategy and content optimization to ensure you do not have hit and miss with the users. Instead, you will be much more productive in providing targeted, interesting content.


  • It is very easy to build reports for action.
  • Dashboards and gauges can be created using drag and drop.
  • Their support team is really good, always responsive and friendly.
  • There are regular improvements to the product.


  • You might need to know some SQL to set up some data sets.

What is Sprout? 

parsely api

This is a social media marketing tool that will help you especially if you have a new business that has a lot of room to grow, or if you are an agency specializing in niche products. Their specialized solutions are also excellent for bigger businesses that need help in integrating their business intelligence with social media platform strategy and campaigning.

The provider does not make you create a different profile for all of your profiles, but lets you manage all of them at one location where you will see all the detail related to the creation of content, scheduling of content to hit the maximum engagement with users, and such. You can create easy reports for business analysis.


The tool called smart inbox will let you keep a track of what people are discussing about your brand and your industry, to keep up with the latest trends and user interests. The queue feature will let you schedule all your content for posting when it can reach the peak interest of your audience. And the ViralPost feature analyzes what is capturing the interest of your audience whenever you put out new content.


  • In build a customer relationship management system.
  • Supports multiple profiles at once.
  • It has integration with Feedly for RSS feed details.


  • The cheapest plan is $99 per month.
  • A visual medium like YouTube cannot be monitored.

What is Content Insights?

If you are an editor or a content manager, you need a tool that can help you be decisive in a meeting room. You need to know what content to create and distribute. Content Insights is a tool for journalists to spot which type of articles make their audience happy and what topics are popular in a location. RCI also aids you to see your data on a screen which makes this decision easier. RCI is created by Google and takes the data from google analytics to provide metric details that are very specific to publishers.

It is a little different from other social media marketing tools and does not provide audience-specific data, instead, it gives information that can help publishers decide what content will be popular with visitors and attract them to revisit the website.

Audience data is an extremely valuable way of making business decisions, but knowing what to post to build a loyal audience base is highly crucial to attract new readers and make them return to the site for more. It is all about knowing your customer base and catering to their needs. Provide valuable information and then your target audience will find your website and have the incentive to become a regular on the website.

You can also stay top of local trends by understanding what is popular in a certain place, and post content that is relevant to that area. You can also monitor how your content is doing at a very fast pace, which will help you keep on top of your content strategy and prioritize whenever necessary.


  • Gets data from google analytics.
  • Valuable insights for publishers on what content is popular.
  • See location specific trends.
  • Monitor performance of your content easily.


  • Should be used in conjunction with NCI for understanding broader goals such as creating a sustainable business model.

Your Turn

So, what are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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