AT Internet Review-A detailed Guide

20-3-16-Mon 07:13
Managing a site is not an easy task and it requires effort, time and money in case you have hired someone for writing the material. An online forum, whether it is a blog or an informative forum can only attract visitors if it has high-quality material. Moreover, the material must be updated

Why Real Time Analytics? How to Use Real Time Analytics Tools to Upgrade Your Business

20-3-17-Tue 05:32
At the time of writing, as business owners, you rely progressively more on data to influence your business decisions on a day-to-day basis. And why not? Let’s use it to our advantage. And now, with rapid advances in tools to analyse real-time data, the results we can glean are even more

12 Top Content Marketing KPIs to Track

20-3-17-Tue 01:38
Content marketing involves techniques that focus on creating and delivering content that people actually want, to induce them to take action (which could be to buy a product, use a service, or join a mailing list). Expert content marketers know how to drive traffic to their websites/pages, which

These Are The Most Important KPIs for Social Media to Measure

20-3-17-Tue 04:29
When social media was first introduced, no one thought it would be an integral part of digital marketing strategies that it is today. There are 3.5 billion people on social media all over the world. And all indications show that this number is on the rise. Not to mention that social is

KPIs as a Performance Management Tool

20-3-16-Mon 07:48
An organization or business drive towards a certain goal or goals which are underlined on their vision and mission statement. This vision and mission statement is what gives every organization, both profit and non-profit organization a purpose. You find that both strive to meet the vision (target) by engaging on that organization's mission. This purpose of existence is what defines them and therefore it becomes necessary for every organization to achieve its goals.

Top 9 Chartbeat Alternatives: Free, Low Cost and Advanced

20-3-16-Mon 04:04
Chartbeat publishing is a social media marketing tool. It was created to help content creators connect to their audience in real-time. The analytical platform tracks down the details regarding the time and attention of your users such as, how long they are spending on your content by actively engaging and participating. This data is the perfect indicator of what is working for your visitors.

Everything You Need to Know About Key Performance Indicators

20-3-15-Sun 12:44
If you have ever been part of any meeting, whether it is related to business, marketing, sales or anything performance-related, then you have probably heard someone mention key performance indicators. This is a term that is usually thrown around, but not many people – even the ones using it –

Content Analytics Uncovered: How to use Content Analytics to your Advantage

20-3-10-Tue 01:46
Do you want to understand if your content is working for you?

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