Datatoolset Alternatives You Must Check Out

20-3-16-Mon 07:29

5 Best KPI Dashboard Tools

20-3-16-Mon 07:58
The business world, as we know it today, is incredibly competitive. As a businessperson looking to get ahead in your industry, you continuously have to be on your toes. Among other things, you need to acquire relevant information.

The Most Important Digital Marketing KPIs that Spark Organizational Changes

20-3-17-Tue 10:26
Over the last two decades, organizations have used digital marketing tools in effecting changes and achieving goals. However, most businesses engage in so many marketing efforts that they forget or don't see the need to track and measure how each one is faring. That is where digital marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come in handy.

Email Marketing KPIs: What to Track?

20-3-17-Tue 01:01
KPIs, short for Key Performance Indicators, is one of the essential backbones that drive the success of virtually every business. They basically exist to show your company its strengths and weaknesses as well as how far you have gone in achieving your goals. Now, every company’s goals and resulting Key Performance Indicators differ based on some factors. Two of those are the industry and the business model.

15 Fundamental Financial KPIs and Metrics for Business Success

20-3-16-Mon 11:07
Key performance indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable values that indicate whether a business is meeting its targets or not. Irrespective of the company's size, type, or industry, every business should track a number of them to get a better understanding of its overall performance.

WordPress Analytics: Is Google Analytics the Best? Explore Alternatives Here

20-3-17-Tue 12:29
Obtaining the knowledge and power of knowing how your users on your website engage with your content is key to online success. And one of the ways to get this knowledge and power is to install Google Analytics within your WordPress platform. Probably the most well-know, and the most

An Intensive Step by Step Guide to Implementing KPIs

20-3-17-Tue 12:52
When key performance indicators or KPIs have been well-implemented, a business is primed for success. Every company has strategic goals that they wish to accomplish in a certain timeframe, and something is needed to tell them if they are on the right track. That is where KPIs come into the

How can I do away with KPIs Mistakes

20-3-17-Tue 03:52
It is important to understand what Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) is. It is actually one of those topics that have been so widely written about and discussed in the management circles that most people think “they have it covered”. And yet, like most familiar things, this familiarity can

KPI Examples For Management, Finance, Sales, Marketing and HR

20-3-16-Mon 06:19
  The acronym KPI stands for key performance indicators and represents a measurement that evaluates the performance of the company's processes and all business activities towards their operational and strategic goals. Key performance indicators measure and monitor the success of a company from various performance aspects. They can observe both high-level, overall performances, or low-level processes that are managed by individuals. 

8 Ultimate SEO KPIs and the Tools to Measure Them

20-3-17-Tue 12:44
Fewer people are heading to stores today than ever. Instead, in 2020, people shop online. Almost everything anyone can need is online. And if it isn't online, you can find its location through the Internet. The e-commerce industry has soared in recent years, earning a whopping 3.53 billion US dollars in 2019. That figure is estimated to be nearly doubled by 2023. Many businesses have been taking advantage of the e-commerce boom and selling their goods and services online, and the competition grows stiffer by the day.

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