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IO Scout vs. Viral Launch Comparison

written on 20-8-26-Wed 05:49
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Is IO Scout better than Viral Launch?

Choosing the right set of tools for your Amazon business can make or break your success. It's not easy to find the right set of tools that will fit all of your business needs and budget while offering reliable and accurate data. 

Viral Launch and IO Scout are among the most popular tools among Amazon sellers, and we will compare their features to help you decide which one is more compatible with your business. 

Viral Launch 

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

This feature allows you to have an insight into the valuable data about products' trends, sales, reviews, historical trends, revenue, etc. You will be able to do a quick data analysis about any product without the need to leave Amazon pages. 

Viral Launch Keyword Research

Keyword Research Tool will help you find relevant keywords and phrases for your products to implement them later and draw more potential customers to your products. All the data provided within this tool is updated a few times per week. 

After you type the initial term, Viral Launch will generate relevant keywords and phrases and show you their search data. 

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Probably one of the most important tasks a seller needs to perform is finding the right, profitable item to sell. If you invest money in products with tough competition and low demand, it surely won't pay off. This is where this tool comes in. It helps sellers find products that will draw them a higher profit. 

Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

This is basically a tool to spy on your rivals. Competitor Intelligence is created so sellers can follow rivals' performance, keywords, products, strategies, etc. With this tool, you will track what keywords your rivals are trying to rank for and identify their strategy, to overrank them. 

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

This tool will provide sellers with an insight into the data about the market, like estimated product sales, profit, etc. Sellers can get a better understanding of the market and run their business more efficiently. 

IO Scout

IO Scout FBA Calculator

FBA Calculator is one of the crucial tools for sellers who are using Fulfillment By Amazon, as this feature provides you with the exact costs for any product for this fulfillment method. Best IO Scout Amazon FBA Calculator will help you prepare your budget and estimate whether you should go with some product or not. 

IO Scout Sales Estimator

Sales Estimator will show you the number of monthly sales for any given product by calculating it with its BSR. Sales Estimator also calculates how many sales your product needs to obtain to receive a certain BSR. 

All product categories have a distinct sales volume in a month, and IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is very handy when you're trying to track trending niches with the highest selling potential. This free tool allows you to spy on your rivals, track the volume of sales, and it will help you decide whether your niche is profitable or not.

IO Scout Product Finder

This product research tool will help sellers find the best products to sell on Amazon, with low competition, high demand, and high-profit margins. IO Scout has a database with more than 200 million products, and it's updated every hour, so all the data is highly reliable and accurate. Product Finder by IO Scout has advanced filters that will help sellers find just the perfect product that fits all of their specific criteria. 

Once you have found excellent product ideas, you can save them for later and organize them by category. That way, you will have all your product ideas in one place with extensive data about those products. 

IO Scout Product Tracker

All of the most valuable data about products will be available to you in a user-friendly, intuitive board where you can track any changes such as price and trends fluctuations over time in order to understand how well certain products perform on the market and make better decisions that will draw you more profit.

IO Scout Google Chrome Extension

The Google Chrome Extension will give you quick access to the most valuable data about any product straight from Amazon's pages. 

Once you've installed the extension, IO Scout will furnish you with the data about products such as name, BSR, ASIN, rating, price, reviews, etc. You will also have access to data like expected revenue per item and month, Amazon FBA fees, and monthly sales volume, etc. This feature will also let you search for suppliers for your product ideas without the need to switch through several tabs. 

Pricing plans

Viral Launch

  • Beginner Plan - It requires $59 every month, or $50 if it's billed yearly.
  • Pro Plan - Costs $99 monthly when and $83 for the annual payment;
  • Brand Builder Plan - Costs $149 per month and $125 for yearly payment;
  • Kinetic Plan - Costs $199 per month if you choose to be billed monthly but $166 per month if billed yearly.

IO Scout

Startup package - $22.50/month, and it includes:

  • 25 products in the Product Tracker tool
  • 25 keywords in the Keyword Tracker tool

Seller subscription - costs $32.50/month, and comprises:

  • 45 products in the Product Tracker feature
  • 45 keywords in the Keyword Tracker tool
  • And IO Scout Chrome Extension

Business subscription - $42.50/month, and covers: 

  • 85 products in the Product Tracker tool
  • 85 keywords in the Keyword Tracker tool
  • And IO Scout Chrome Extension

Is IO Scout better than Viral Launch?

It's worth mentioning that IO Scout has one distinctive feature that none of the other solutions has. It's the Personal Assistant feature that will save tons of money, time, and effort. Sellers have a real professional by their side for any consulting regarding running an online selling business. You won't have to spend time and money on webinars, countless hours spent on research since your assistant is available 24/7.

IO Scout is definitely better than Viral launch because it offers higher data accuracy, more user-friendly experience, and better functionality for a more affordable price.

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