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Google Analytics in Wordpress – set-up and usage

written on 20-3-17-Tue 10:14
Home Content optimization Google Analytics in Wordpress – set-up and usage

how to add google analytics to wordpress

Do you run a blog or maybe you own an informative online forum? No matter what type of domain you have, it always requires a lot of work, time and energy to write material and update it regularly in order to maintain it. Moreover, if you get the stuff written by someone it also requires money. It goes without saying every owner wants the max amount of consumers and views on their webpage as well as they want to increase no. of units sold .

To get more consumers on your webpage, you have to make it visible to them. Now how can this be done? You must have heard of seo where you use the most suitable keywords and backlinks etc. to modify your webpages. This helps in ranking your webpage higher in the results of related search queries of public. If your webpage is not visible to people, no matter how good it is, they won’t be able to read it. So the first step to improving no. of units sold is to add top-notch material on you webpage.

However, keyword optimization will only help you get in the search results of people. To get them to visit your webpage, you must have catchy headings and to make them stay, you must ensure that your materialco is top-notch and is what they are seraching for. But, the final target of any owner is to have the maximum amount of units sold which basically reflects the no. of people who actually took the action that leads to your goals. To evaluate the effectiveness of your webpage, you need to examine your no. of units sold so that you can see if it is worth all your efforts.

Usually, for most of the online forums, the two big reasons of poor sales are that either it is not targeting the right consumers or it doesn’t consist of the material that people are looking for. That is to say not only are you wasting your money but also your time and effort. However, one thing you must be aware of is that only adding related material to your webpage is not enough. What is required is that you have a clear idea of who are the people visiting your webpages, where are they from, the duration for which they are on your domain and the webpages they often visit. The same goes for blogs.

The no. of units solds and profits can be improved significantly when you are aware of your consumers and their behavior because then you know what is desired by them, you can modify your forum accordingly. Say, when you know which posts of your people read the most, you can examine them to learn what is attracting the readers and can use the same strategy for the rest of your webpages to generate more views.

When consumers are getting what they want, they have no reason not to convert. For instance, let us say you run a travel blog where you regularly post genuine travel tips based on your real-life experience. If your blog posts actually help reader when they travel, they will definitely subscribe to your blog so that they don’t miss out on the key tips.

To enhance the effectiveness of your webpage or blog and provide consumers with what they want, two important factors that you must focus on are consumer interface and experience For this, you need to be aware of several factors such as which devices do the majority of your readers use when they come to your webpage, what is the average age of your consumers, etc.

Now that you know which elements are important for enhancing your webpage’s operations, the question here is how can you determine these elements? With the help of analytics tools. These tools help you learn about your consumers and their behavior when they are interacting with your webpage. Moreover, these tools also show important parameters and metrics such as no. of consumers, etc. and make it easy for you to examine the operations of your webpages. Because the demands of the consumers are increasing day by day, an analytics tool is not what bloggers and other web owners want but it is what they need.

Although many analytics tools are available by different companies offering different type of features, the basic purpose of every such tool is to enable you monitor your consumers and their activity on your webpages and present them with the best stuff. One of the most effective and reliable tools is Google Analytics which has helped many in enhancing their online operations.

In this detailed article, we will discuss the benefits of this tool, how to add google analytics to wordpress and the way it works. So keep reading it.

Importance of GA

As mentioned earlier, GA is basically a powerful and effective data analytics software. The tool, as the name suggests, is designed by Google which gives the idea of how efficient it must be. From media companies to bloggers and other owners, the tool helps everyone in examining their webpages' operations and effectiveness.

The tool offers several features and shows important parameters that enable you make an informed decision. It will let you analyze your webpages so that you know which elements are performing well and what needs to be improved.

The tool tells you the region your consumers are from, which gadgets and browsers do they use when they come to your webpages, their screen resolution, and their language, etc. Now, these details are very important and give you useful insights into who your consumers are. For instance, if your consumers mostly use tablets to reach your webpage and aren't flash supported, you can present your webpage in a way that is best optimized for tablets and avoid using flash. Similarly, when you know their location, you can translate your webpage in that language.

Moreover, the tool also lets you analyze which webpages of yours are the readers mostly checking out and the duration for which they interact with them. Another important parameter which this tool calculates is the rate which reflects the amount of consumers who leave your webpage the first time. With this info, you can comprehend what is liked by the consumers and what’s not. You can then shape all of your webpages accordingly to improve no. of consumers and reduce this rate.

It also tells you where do your consumers come from such as direct links, ads, search engines or referral links, etc. and will also calculate the exact amount of users that came from a particular source. It even gives you all the little details of each source. For example, if major portion of your consumers come from referral links it will show you each of the links. These details would assist you in laerning which source should you focus on to enhance your performance. Let us say, if your best source is Twitter, you will know that you need to curate your webpages specifically for the Twitter audience. Similarly, if it’s a search engine, you must modify your webpages accordingly.

The best thing about the tool is that it saves you from the trouble of spending hours collecting info and pasting it into complex spreadsheets to analyze later because it collects the data automatically and use it to make automatic reports that you can analyze instantly. Not only can it be configured without any hassle but it also can be learned with ease. You just have to make your account and insert a simple syntax; this will be discussed in detail later in the article.

Once the syntax is pasted, you don’t need to do anything for collecting data, the tool will do it all and give you exact and precise information in the form of reports. These reports are sent to you daily and can be accessed any time you want so that you can make effective decisions on what must be done to improve the operations of the forum. By using this tool, you are not only saving time but energy and effort as well.

Besides these automatic reports, you also have the option to create your own customized reports where you can add useful metrics and parameters based on your requirements and needs. Furthermore, the tool is available not only for desktops but also for smartphones and tablets.

However, what people like the most about this tool is that it is available for free and there are no hidden charges. A powerful and efficient tool which offers all the features that one needs to examine their consumers and modify their webpage, what more can a you ask for.

Creating Account on GA

Although the tool is free, you are required to make an account to use it. But before you make an account GA, you need to have a account on google which is simply a gmail id. You probably already have a gmail id but if you want to make a new one specially for this purpose, another one can be created with ease for free by providing some basic info.

Once you have your gmail id which you want to utilize for the tool, you can start the process of creating your account on analytics. To do this, visit the homepage of analytics and at the top right corner click on the “Start for free” button. After you click it, a new page will open asking you to sign in with your Google account.

After you have logged in successfully, you can proceed to set up your profile on the tool by simply hitting the set up button. The tool will then ask you to put in a name for this new account and then you will be presented with 3 options of what you want to monitor with the tool. You can either choose web through which you can measure your webpages' operations or if you want to track your Andriod or iOS apps, you can select the app option. What’s more, there is also a combination package of both web and app. You can select any of the options based on your requirements.

Lastly, you have to put in some more information such as the URL of your domain, its name, the category it falls in and most importantly time zone according to which reports are sent. Now, click the create option and agree to the terms and conditions to get your account.

Generating Tracking Code

Only after the account has been set up, you can get the syntax/code . This is what lets the tool keep an eye on your webpages and the activities happening on it and collect the key details. In order to generate this code, go to the admin tab which is present at the top and choose your account. Now, choose your property and head to info then code. A syntax and id will then be presented which is to be added to your CMS.

Now, the process of inserting the code is different for different kinds of CMS such as HTML and wordpress, etc. This syntax must be installed individually for every webpage that you wish to scan.

Google Analytics WordPress

If you have a word press CMS, you can install the code in different ways. However, whichever method you opt for, the reports will be available 14-24 hours after set up.

MonsterInsights Plugin

how to install google analytics to wordpress

This is one of the most used and easiest methods to add google analytics to wordpress. The code for any webpage can be insatlled within a few minutes with this tool. For installation of the tool, you are required to head to the plugin section which can be found in your CMS dashboard. When you press the add new option, tons of plugins will be displayed. Now search for this tool and install it.

Once this is done, you will have to configure it by connecting your profile with the plugin. The account can be linked automatically or this can be done manually with the code. However, it is better to do it automatically as this way you will get access to useful features such as dashboards and reports. Now select the domain you desire to scan and put the code in the tool. Now that it is configured, you can start using it to examine your webpages.

The tool enables you to see and examine your reports directly through the CMS dashboard. All you have to do is click insights and then access the reports page. One version of the tool is available without any cost while one is paid. The paid one gives you access to more features such as monitoring of ads and e-commerce etc.

Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

This is also an easy way to put the code in your CMS but it doesn’t allow the analyses of the reports right in your CMS. Moreover, it also doesn’t offer as much advanced tracking as MonsterInsights does.

After the successful installation and activation of the extension head to the setting and go the plugin's page. Now insert the code you generated from GA. Finally, save the changes and start tracking your webpages.  

Add Manually

The initial step is to copy the syntax that is generated in the tool and it will then ask you to log in to your CMS. Now visit the dashboard and click the editor which is present in the appearance section on the left side. Next, look in the templates for the “header.php” file. When you click on it, you will see a syntax on the main screen. Here, search for “</head>” and add the copied code before it. Finally, click the update button and that is it your file for scanning of webpages is ready.

Analytics Cat Plugin

This tool saves your code even when the theme is updated or switched. It doesn’t require the full syntax for configuration and it can be configured with the id only.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, just click setting and open the s manager to put your tracking id. You will also be given the option to exclude any person through which they won’t be able to examine the forum. Now save the changes to successfully analyze your webpages through the tool.

Google Analytics for WordPress Alternatives

There are many other tools similar to wordpress google analytics developed by different companies which let you examine the operations of you webpages and behavior of your consumers.

  • IO Technologies
  • Chartbeat

  • IO Technologies

google analytics wordpress

This is another excellent tool which is designed to help both startups as well as enterprises. It helps you gain consumer loyalty and modify your webpages. You can import the details in excel sheets and it can also be accessed through API. The tool also sends you reports based on your webpages' details so that you can analyze it and make more informed decisions. You can also analyze how consumers are interacting with the pictures on your webpage.

  • Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a very effective and powerful tool that helps bloggers etc. in building a loyal consumer base and a strong online presence. Along with the reports of historical data, the tool also brings real-time data for its users to help them make the right decisions. It will help you understand which elements on your domain is your top performer and is getting the most views. It aids you in modify your material in a way that attracts consumers and makes them stay on your webpage.

This tool has helped over 60,000 companies in improving their webpages and understanding the behavior of their consumers. It consists of 3 main features; dashboards, reporting, and optimization.

With the optimization feature, you can create catchy and attractive headlines for your webpages which is sure to attract the consumers and tempts them to read longer posts. This allows you to keep them on your webpage for a long duration. Furthermore, you can also test your headlines and optimize them with the help of this tool.

This feature also tells you which of your webpage is the best performer that the readers visit the most, how much do your consumers scroll down on your webpage and how the no. of readers of your webpages is going up and down.

With this tool, you can also get daily reports through email which consists of useful details that can assist you in operating more effectively. The reports can also be shared through emails and allow you to handle your forum's subscriptions.

A plugin is also offered through which the syntax of the tool can be installed on your CMS with ease. Once integrated, the account can be accessed in the CMS dashboard.

First of all, download and install the extension for your CMS offered by Chartbeat. Now link your account to it and configure it. Next, it must be activated by going to settings and providing your id. Now the dashboard can be accessed from the Chartbeat tab available on the left side. The dashboard also consists of an internal widget. Finally put in your blog's domain and hit the test button. Now start tracking your domain.

The pricing package of the tool starts from $7000 per month. However, the price of the tool changes with the amount of consumers on your webpages and their level of engagement with it. You can also contact their support team to get a free trial. What’s more, they don’t ask for any credit card information when you ask for the free trial.


GA is a very important tool for any owner forum which is very efficient and powerful and offers several useful features and that too for free. It tracks your webpages with the help of special syntax which can be generated easily in the tool and based on the stats it collects from your webpages, it sends you detailed reports which give you useful insights into the operations and effectiveness of your forum. There are several ways to insert this to your CMS. You can either add it manually or through different extensions. This tool is quite popular specially because it offers all the features without any cost and can be utilized by beginners and experts both.

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