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Key Features of Google Analytics
Alternatives to Google Analytics
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Thousands of businesses and individual users utilize Google Analytics to generate valuable intel on their websites. This is all because Google Analytics has the processing power of Google behind it, and is free, which is why this is a top choice for many who are trying to make ends meet while minimizing spending.

When Google Analytics can offer so much data, it can be hard to justify spending a lot of money on analytics platforms that are paid.

Key Features of Google Analytics

  •   Traffic reporting

The most basic function of the analytical app is that it reports traffic well. You can quantify how many people are visiting the website and from what platforms. You can also spot popular trends that can influence the way you make choices regarding marketing.

  • Conversion

Understand, from what social sites people came here, and where they are converting, whether it is a contact form on your site, or a sale on an eCommerce platform, or even when they take down your phone number or address.

  •   Keyword

People land on your website for a reason. They have used a specific query on Google, or other sites and that has brought them to your website. This is the key to uncovering what people need from you. Understanding the keywords can readily improve the SEO marketing strategy.

  •  Third-party referrals

Know where your referrals are coming from, so you know exactly where to put your efforts and which channels to cut off to make sure you do not overspend.

  • Dashboards

You can create customized dashboards that allow you to keep in touch with the important metrics of the site, the conversion rate of the site, the kind of traffic generates by other sites, etc. This is the first thing you will see when you log into the account and you can export the data to use various filters and analyze it later.

Alternatives to Google Analytics

Let's explore various Google Analytics alternatives which are as good as Google Analytics and even better than them.

IO Technologies

Google Analytics Alternative

Real-Time Data Analysis

The data analysis provided by IO is precise and can help evaluate the growth of your site based on how your content is performing historically or trending.

Optimize Content

Use the A/B testing. The application alerts you in case there are any abnormalities in the metric generated for your site. Utilize the dashboard to go through key metrics.

View Content Performance

Control how contents are doing and use the data to monetize the same accordingly. Your social media results from Facebook will also be available on the same dashboard and you can check the main media metrics through this. Collect data from other media resources and gather them in the one master database to have a unified result in the dashboard.


Google Analytics Alternative


You can sort your users into different groups, and the segmentation is necessary to customize our products to make it more popular. For example, you can categorize the users by location, and keep up with the latest trends in this area to provide more customized content that will be popular with them. You can segment users in age groups, interest groups, etc.

Heat Maps

Heat maps let you how individual segments are performing on your website, so you know where to focus your attention.

Twitter Analytics

This is a great feature that will allow you to create reports of the twitter account on the various features, like how many mentions your brand has received on the platform. The great thing about this feature is that you can see unlimited search history, whereas if you use the analytics that twitter provides by default is only for a week.


Google Analytics Alternative

User Segmentation

You can sort your users into different groups, and the segmentation is how you can optimize your website. You can categorize the users by location, and keep up with the latest trends in this area to provide more customized content that will be popular with them. You can segment users in age groups, interest groups, etc.

Launch Success

When you launch any new features on the website, you can view external and internal factors that impact the user experience for the same.

Understand Users

Identify individual users and see their activities, what their motivations are and where they are landing into difficulty.


Google Analytics Alternative


It empowers its customers with real-time data inputs based on which they can attain a significant advantage over their rivals.

Other Platform Integrations

It provides single-click integration with more than 50 partner platforms like Salesforce, Intercom, and Marketo to reap benefits of multi-application features.

Processed Data

It makes a meaningful interpretation of all the data it collects on each user – starting from their first hit on the webpage to their conversion. It provides the scope of creating unique experiences for every visitor on your site, by making every customer touchpoint a learning opportunity.


Google Analytics Alternative

Query with SQL

The data you receive from analytics tools can be manipulated through SQL queries to give extremely accurate results. If you have expert users, you can utilize this for easy queries.

Business Reports

For users who are not that technologically equipped, there is an option to create custom reports from your data warehouse.

Enhance Data

The data that you put through this tool can be enhanced by adding various metadata through proprietary algorithms. These data points could be imported from outside vendors, or even if you have data tables that can be incorporated into the tool to reflect the most accurate data for your business.


Google Analytics Alternative

Real-Time Data

Touted as a simpler alternative to Google Analytics, Gauges is an analytical software solution program that aims to simplify the real data analysis by providing simple and clear data interpretations and website statistics.

This is a suitable alternative to Google Analytics for those who do not require advance features and are content with a basic, albeit accurate, picture of the website visitor data, to form a suitable business strategy.


Google Analytics Alternative

Know Your Visitors

See where they live, what languages they speak, and what kinds of devices they browse your site on. See who's recently visited your site, where they're located, and exactly what path they took through your website.

Know Traffic Source

Easily identify your key traffic sources and exactly what content they're looking for on your website. Clear dashboards and simple reports you can understand without a manual or training.


Google Analytics Alternative

Own Your Data

Whatever data is processed by Matomo, is owned by you at every step and Matomo ensures the strictest standards for the data they handle.

Data Accuracy

The data reported by Google Analytics is often capped at a limit, and when you cross that the data offered by Google is sampled. Which means this is only partial data that does not reflect the true business performance. Matomo makes sure you get 100% accurate data, so your metrics are completely on point. Data accuracy is the key to making sure your metrics reflect the actual data.


Google Analytics Alternative


Multiple dashboards are presented to the user from which lucid interpretation of all the data, collected from your website, can be obtained.

Live Chat

This is an effective tool to have a proactive engagement with your prospective customers by addressing their queries and converting qualified leads into sales.

Customer Data Hub

This feature collates all the data available on every visitor and prospective leads in a single destination. If you use additional software services like Slack, Drip, Madrill, MailChimp, then the customer data hub feature allows integrating the entire captured data into these services via a single click.


The automation feature of GoSquared enables a business to have an increased engagement with the visitors on their websites, based on their browsing pattern. It also shares informative messages to returning visitors or repeats customers, whenever they come back to the website. It also sends prompt notifications to your team to alert them of any important customer activities on the website, thereby helping bring your organization closer to your prospective customers.


Google Analytics Alternative

Optimize Conversion

Create funnels and optimize the performance of those website sectors to get more conversion.

Capture Data

All the touchpoints by visitors are captured and processed to give you insights that can lead to improving the product.

Improve Performance

Improve website performance and increase the number of customers you retain to make sure your users are satisfied. You can also track and improve various business metrics.


Google Analytics Alternative

View Visitor Track

See details of users from the second they log on your website. Track the IP addresses, types of browsers they use, their demographic data, location, and how many views they have.

Company View

This app tells you which companies have seen your website and what sites directed them to your site. This gives you leads and options to follow up partnerships that could be beneficial for the business.


Google Analytics Alternative

Video Dashboard

To start using Chartbeat, you have to integrate it with the website and then you can have all the analytical details of real-time user engagement appear in the video dashboard. The video dashboard has another screen that provides insights on historical data and is known as the daily video perspective.

These tools are aspirational in showing new opportunities to the users by showing the impact every video is making.

Engagement Level

To understand the engagement of a page, you must know the answers to basic questions such as: How many people are interested and watching the video content right this moment, so you can compare the performance between your content.

Are the videos performing well when they have been embedded in the pages, whether it is on your website or another website? Which pages have content with high engagement but do not have a video, so you can place a video in there to drive engagement and views even higher?


Google Analytics Alternative

Contact Insights

You can access a complete database full of contacts along with the integration for LinkedIn sales navigator so you can use it to convert customers with much less effort. The leads scored through the app are placed by the order of importance and placed on the top.


Google Analytics Alternative

User Journey

Learn how to boost your onsite conversion rates. Know which content to improve and what to change on your site. Know the most important pages you should improve. Lean the effect your content has on your user’s conversion chances.

Quality Of Content

The quality of your content has never been more critical. Your users expect you to deliver your text in the ways that they want. You need to know things like the right length and the right tone. If you don’t deliver on this, they might leave you and never come back.


Your users’ interests are constantly changing. New areas of interest come on fast and what you thought was of core interest to your audience could be considered irrelevant to them faster than you realize.

Ask any social media expert and they will tell you that their most complicated task is to keep their users engaged in an ever-changing landscape.


Google Analytics Alternative

Real-Time Dashboard

Here is where you see your viewers in real-time. What country they are from, how many pages they are visiting on each session, which sources are driving traffic to the website, the popular search words and the locational data of the customers.

Page Performance

If you have a good website but visitors simply drop off from becoming a customer, there might be some issue with the website. How do you detect it? Hitsteps help detect these issues through tracking dynamic Ajax contents.

Reports are generated that tell you the issues of the page and why users are not reaching the key buttons. One look at this report and you will know what needs to be changed on the website.

Lucky Orange

Visitor Session

See how people behave when they visit your website. How they navigate when they are going towards becoming a customer from a visitor, and the step where they fall off is important to understand where people are facing issues.

When you can see the movement, they make on the website, you see whether people have to move a lot to find the important functions. Because when that is not happening, there is usually an issue with the website.

Heat Map

Heat maps let you how individual segments are performing on your website, so you know where to focus your attention. See visitor data by date, type of browser they are using, mobile or desktop users, area, etc.


There is also a chat functionality that allows you to provide support to people visiting your site.

Visitor Analytics

Visitor Session Videos

Watch videos of how people behave when they are on your website. The general way they navigate when they are going towards becoming a customer from a visitor and the step where they fall off is important to understand where people are facing issues.

When you can see the movement of the mouse, you see whether people have to scroll and lot with much difficulty in finding the buy or subscribe button.

See whether people are at all clicking on the vital buttons, or moving on because of some issue with the page design.


Customized Solutions For All

Whether you are a small business or an industry giant, there is a customized solution for all with this tool

Improvise Content

You can improve the quality of the content, generate higher traffic from various search engines, meet the requirements for privacy, and measure the quality of the website and the return on the campaign investments.

Automated Checks

The metrics of the website can be set and whenever it falls below that level, you can get automated checks. You can also measure the performance metrics against the benchmark for your competitors. The tool also flags if there are any issues with the websites and suggests solutions for the same.


Complete Customer Support

The engineers are Web star will help you install the solution and help with every problem you face. You will even get tutorials on how to understand the data that you see.

Detect Every Visitor

You can get data for all sites and all visitors. It is not needed that users have JavaScript enabled on the browser for them to be trackable.

Independent Company

There is no conflict of interest because the data collected by Web-stat is not connected with Google, Yahoo, and the like. But it can still detect the performance of your AdWords campaigns, or pay per click campaigns.



See the content performance, demographic data, and social media traffic source through a heatmap view.

See Viewer Click Pattern

What users want from your site dictates how they act and which actions they perform. When you see the click patterns, you can understand what is guiding them towards these decisions. Hotjar records individual sessions so you can see mouse movements and identify where they are hesitating to click, or if the website has any issues.


By creating performance funnels in your website, Hotjar categorizes sections. Then, users are tracked on various funnels to understand where they are dropping off, and what is turning them away from converting.


Multi-Source Reports

You can create automatic reports that will be directly sent to your clients on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Integrate Offline Data

If you have data exported in an excel file from some other source, you can upload it seamlessly in the app and see it in graphical formats through customized reports. Through a single report, you can see all the data related to the acquisition of followers, their retention rate and profit generated from them.


Get Customizable Goals

You can set goals for specific social media sites. It could simply be a profit margin that you wish to achieve or several views you want on a content. This tool gives you custom reports for the same.

Machine Language Learning

The data scientists at PaveAI can look at millions of data points to find out valuable insights about the different marketing channels, and give you suggestions on how to improve the return on investment.

Easy Integration

The engineers work directly with the client to make sure the data warehouse is properly connected.

Yandex Metrica

Google Analytics Alternative

Behavioral Analytics

Metrics do not make up the whole picture, you also need to understand why users are coming to your site, and how they are behaving. Only then you can improve the design of the site. This can be done through analyzing forms, creating video sessions of the entire user behavior, data of how many users are scrolling and heat maps for the same.

Session Replay Analysis

Users can step out from converting even when they are just one click away. Understanding why, and what is stopping them is crucial. The video footage of user interaction the website allows you to understand what links they are clicking, hovering on, scrolling and general mouse movements.

Final Word

Many tools have established a market reputation and some new entries that are quickly capturing market share. They have many features that can be custom-built for your organization, which is something Google Analytics lacks.

You may want to build a marketing solution that is cost-effective, or try to extract more personalized information regarding your audience, these tools give you a lot of options depending on your custom requirement. Some of them even offer the chance to opt for some tools in the suite, and not pay for the whole suite of products that you won’t use.

Most of the tools we have discusses here offer some free trial when you sign up.

Before committing to a social media analytical solution, understand what your business lacks and needs desperately, and then you can look through this list to identify tools that match the features you want.

So, what are your views on this? Have you ever tried any of these Google Analytics alternatives? What was your experience? Did we miss any important tool here that you think deserves a mention? Do let us know in the comments below.

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