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Top 9 Chartbeat Alternatives: Free, Low Cost and Advanced

written on 20-3-16-Mon 04:04
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Chartbeat Features
Free Alternatives
Low-Cost Alternatives
Advanced Alternatives

Chartbeat publishing is a social media marketing tool. It was created to help content creators connect to their audience in real-time. The analytical platform tracks down the details regarding the time and attention of your users such as, how long they are spending on your content by actively engaging and participating. This data is the perfect indicator of what is working for your visitors.

A video dashboard is available as part of the Chartbeat ecosystem where you can analyze the details of our video content engagement, which can provide insights like how long your viewers are paying attention to the video and how the videos are engaging customers and enhancing the overall experience that your website is providing.

That's not all. has a lot more to it. In this article, we will explore various nuances related to Chartbeat. Additionally, we will also discover Chartbeat alternatives that you must know about. Let's get started.

Chartbeat Features

To start using Chartbeat you have to integrate it with the Brightcove player. Then, you can have all the analytical details of user engagement in real-time appear in the video dashboard. The video dashboard has another screen that provides insights on historical data and is known as a daily video perspective. These tools are aspirational in showing new opportunities to the users by showing the impact every video is making.

To understand the engagement of a page you must know the answers to basic questions such as:

  •    How many people are interested and watching the video content right this moment, so you can compare the performance between your content.
  •    Are the videos performing well when they have been embedded in the pages, whether it is on your website or another website?
  •   Which pages have content with high engagement but do not have a video, so you can place a video in there to drive engagement and views even higher?
  • How long are users spending watching the videos, down to the details of seconds and minutes? This will help you understand what the users are truly connecting with, and not just clicking and ditching
  • How frequently a user tends to play a video when it loads up on the page, so you will know when the video is starting.
  •     How many videos are being clicked, but users abandon it when there is an advertisement rolling before the actual content, so you know whether the user is that invested in the content to tolerate a lot of ads or are they just going to give up.

There are some great features of this application, but let’s see some other alternatives in the market and what kind of features they are offering as compared to Chartbeat.

Chartbeat pricing depends on the site traffic, and starts from $7,000 annually.

Free Alternatives

Google Analytics

GA is simply Google Analytics, which is free and one of the most popular and widely used tools available for social media analysis. This tool comes with a lot of feature overing mobile and website platforms both. So, users can see various types of reports on real-time data for mobile traffic and website traffic.


1.     Measure performance of Ad campaigns

Using this tool, you can measure the success of ad campaigns. Every social media marketer must ask themselves this question often – all the ad campaigns they are running – how successful are those in generating views for them?

To have an analysis of this data you can enter the domain name which you want to track and Google Analytics will provide you the data for that source. The data could be traffic or goal conversion data.

2.     Discover user intent

You can also learn what people are using the site for. What are they searching for when they land on your page? Do they know about your products and are interested in any of them? Are they there to look through some topics? Do they need your mailing information? Why are they visiting your website?

This data is what Google Analytics offers you, so, you can determine what kind of content will help these users and keep them coming back to your website.

3.     Perform content prioritization

Understand what the high performing contents are on your website. Want to know which pages are popular with the users? Or which pages have the highest bounce rate, and the users immediately drop out after clicking on that page? This will tell you what kind of content to add and what to remove so you have a well-developed strategy.



This is another great free solution that offers a lot of potential in terms of measuring mobile and web outreach. Most of the analytical applications start by quantifying the page views of a platform, however, Mixpanel has chosen to drive a different way.

They measure engagement by the type of actions users perform of the steps they take once they enter your website. This action could be anything.

The visitor could be uploading an image, leaving a comment, liking a comment, streaming any of your videos or sharing a post you have created. The results derived from Mixpanel are fairly accurate for analyzing the behavior of customers.


1.     Access to billions of data points

The application has the capability of analyzing around 67 billion actions performed by users and then give that data to the marketers in a clear way that can be easily read and understood. Especially if we are talking of mobile apps, then the capability of measuring actions instead of page views make sense for both apple and android users.

2.     Readability of data

Whereas most of the analytical tools use SQL queries to fetch the data, which is an easy way of working for data scientists, this is not the same for normal users who do not know how to decipher this data using SQL queries.

For them, there is no need to learn data analytics, as Mixpanel provides an easily understandable interface that allows you to drill in and understand how people are performing actions on your content. You will be able to get insights on their usage which will allow you to improve your product further.

chartbeat price

Low-Cost Alternatives

IO Technologies

IO technology is a tool for doing analysis on social media content as well as accessing an editorial dashboard for media content.


1.     Real-time data analysis. The data analysis provided by IO is precise and can help evaluate the growth of your site based on how your content is performing historically or trending.

2.     Optimize content with the help of A/B testing.

3.     The application alerts you in case there are any abnormalities in the metric generated for your site.

4.     Utilize the dashboard to go through key metrics.

5.     Control how contents are doing and use the data to monetize the same accordingly. Your social media results from Facebook will also be available on the same dashboard and you can check the main media metrics through this. Collect data from other media resources and gather them in the one master database to have a unified result in the dashboard.

6.     Understand how your visitors are behaving based on ever article, how much time they are spending per session, and make use of filters that categorize users from the main dashboard to conduct a detailed analysis.

7.     The reports generated by this application are easily shareable.

Pricing: Starts at $370 per month.


You can use the conversion reports in this application to understand which contents are influencing the conversion rates of users, rate of link clicking, signing up of newsletters, subscription, and purchase.


1.     The app provides real-time data analysis on which contents are hot so you can make the most of every post you make. You can see historical trends based on topic, referrer, post, author or campaign.

2.     Help the creators get into the mindset where they can understand which of their contents are creating greater engagement. Know what topics get more attention to your site than others and how users feel about those contents. Your readers want a specific thing and your website should be targeting their need to trend consistently. By seeing the channel wise analytical data, you can see the engagement context from all the major sources of traffic and take actions accordingly.

3.     Your content distribution strategies should be informed by data, by seeing the newsletters, social promotions, and partnerships which foster high engagement with the readers. This can only happen when you have identified the best content that needs to be distributed through social media platforms, and anywhere else where your outreach lies. Track how sponsored content is faring, what is happening to ad campaigns, so you can generate expert reports on sales data.

4.     You can create reports that will run regularly and email you the results on a schedule, which could be daily, weekly or monthly. The tool allows you to export 10,000 rows of data taken from listings and details so you can view it offline and search for insights.

5.     Use the inherent API to force traffic to go up by making smart suggestions to your users.

6.     Know the engagement level for every video you have published without factoring in where they are appearing on your website.

Pricing: The starter pack costs $500, Growth costs $1500 and Enterprise has to be customized with the tool to receive a quoted price.

chartbeat price


The Kissmetrics platform has been built to provide optimization for social media marketing. It does a thorough analysis of how users are reacting to a website within a period and create insights based on raw data which allows business owners to know their audience.


1.    You can increase conversions through the Funnel and Activity report which will tell a business what is working on the website and what could be removed or improved to create a more powerful impact so you can change or update your content whenever required.

2.    It helps a business drive engagement by enticing users through behavioral suggestions which make them traverse the website in whatever direction you would like them to take.

Price: The Power package is priced at $850 each month with in-app chat support and phone support. For the Enterprise version, you can get customized quotes from the platform.



Webtrends allows users to see page level stream of data. Google Analytics, while being a wonderful tool does not support this technology.


1.    It allows business owners to get a holistic view of the source where people are coming from and where they are going when they are leaving a page.

2.    The application also has a great heatmap to understand which content is in demand so it can be capitalized on at the right time. This is also helpful in making intelligent decisions. Webtrends displays all the data in real-time, so if you are running ad campaigns, this can be extremely helpful. There are not too many differences between this and Google analytics other than the fact that Google analytics has a better interface. It also does not have the animation graphs which Google analytics does.

However, it does not add a lot to the experience. The tool costs thousands of dollars which is a little difficult to justify because it hardly offers something that is not available elsewhere or even in Google analytics.

Pricing: The amount of traffic determines this; however the price starts at $10,000's and can go up to the $100,000.



It is one of the more robust tools of the ones which we have described in this article and comes at a quite cheaper price than others too. It can track your site in a depth which is similar to Google analytics, and also can return real-time data.

You can track even individual users and understand what they are doing on the website right at the moment. Another good feature of Clicky is that it counts visitors who have spent at least 30 seconds on your website as engaged viewers, and these people are not counted towards the bounce rate.

This makes a lot of sense because the people who landed on your page because they found your content and then left are not exactly bounces.


1.    User segmentation

This is supported by the tool, so you can define customer groups by the type of actions they are performing, the source of their traffic, location, the kind of device they are using and other constraints that make them unique.

2.    See heatmap view

This view allows users to see exactly what the customers are looking at by tracking the heat of the content.

The user interface can take some getting used to, but this is a good alternative to some of the expensive plans. However, if you get too many hits on your site then you have to pay for multiple websites with Google Analytics, which you do not have to do here. This makes Clicky worth a try.

Pricing: Free, $6.99-$19.99 per month

chartbeat com

Advanced Alternatives

 Google Analytics 360

The premium version of Google Analytics, Google analytics 360 was launched in 2011. This tool has much better power of data processing, highly advanced analytical tools and support which is not available with Google analytics. There is also an SLA that guarantees clients great service. This is truly an impeccable platform.


1.    Billions of hits. If your site has a lot of traffic with over 10 million user interactions every month, you might see a message from the basic version of google analytics which will tell you that you have exhausted the data processing limit. The second your data goes over this limit; you will start to see data that has been forcibly excluded. This is called sampled data, and sampled-data does not represent the whole effect so whatever result you are receiving could be incomplete, and your business intelligence will be invalid. The google analytics 360 provides you with unsampled data so you have the view of the whole data and can generate much accurate insights from it that sampled data could never provide. This means for very high traffic websites, google analytics is pretty much useless and it is better to switch to the google analytics 360 to make sure the content decisions you are making are happening based on complete and real data, and not sampled data which is only partially representing the facts.

2.    There are also custom fueled and native integrations that come with the GA 360 app. The funnels help you categorize your website in sections and then the analytics tool measures what actions the users are performing in every section. If they are going smoothly through some of the sections, or if they are dropping off somewhere in the middle of the way. With this kind of custom visualization, you can choose to improve the features where your users are facing difficulty and they choose to abandon your website to make sure that does not keep repeating. Give them points of engagement and reevaluate the funnel performance to know if your strategy is working or not. This segmentation is extremely necessary to build a website that drives user engagement to its full potential.

Pricing: It is expensive and only affordable for costlier brands. The price starts at $150,000 per year.



This app provides users a real-time analysis of user data and content scoring by providing a dynamic paywall for publishers.


1.    You can fuel your content, marketing strategy with the help of content scoring which will accurately tell you what needs focus to optimize the performance of your site and content.

2.    Take automation done on your app or website to a completely new level by creating triggers that will work intuitively and make decisions easier for users and let you hit the mark.

3.    Track key indices like the editorial KPI so you know your team if focusing their maximum efforts in generating content that your users will truly enjoy. This is usually a very highly expensive item so you should know that the money you are spending is for a good reason.

4.    Get segmentation of users and know their retention, habits, likings, loyalty, and engagement.

5.    Know your ad campaigns are performing because in 80% cases the ad placements are not viewable by your users so your revenue source could be impaired.

Pricing: The self-service plan starts at $220/month.



Tableau is a powerful analytical tool that also provides a visualization of data in the industry. It can take bulk raw data and convert them in a format that is easy to use. The data analysis part is very fast and efficient with Tableau and the dashboards have a lot of visualizations.

The data that is curated from tableau can be read by professionals at every step of the way in an organization. Even users who are not technical can have access to a customized dashboard for easier representation of the data.


1.    The tool is powerful and growing very fast to be one of the top data visualization tools. The product suite offerings are desktop, public, online, server, and reader.

2.    In the tableau public, the workbooks that are generated in the tool cannot be saved locally in the system but can be saved in the tableau cloud and shared with anyone.

3.    Tableau serves is majorly used with the intent to share these workbooks or visualizations which have been created in the application on the desktop.

4.    The tableau online behaves very similarly to the tableau server, but the data is stored on the server in the cloud and maintained by the tableau group and not individuals.

5.    The tableau reader is free. Whatever workbook or visualization you create in the application of desktop or public can be read using the reader.

6.    Tableau can connect to any database and extract the data stored from any of the platforms imaginable.

Pricing: The Desktop personal costs $35 per month, and the professional version is $35.

The tableau server is $35 and the online is $42.

ping chartbeat net


As you can see, there are various alternatives to Chartbeat. So, what are your views on this? Have you used any of these? Do let us know in the comments below.



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