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AT Internet Review-A detailed Guide

written on 20-3-16-Mon 07:13
Home Reviews AT Internet Review-A detailed Guide

Managing a site is not an easy task and it requires effort, time and money in case you have hired someone for writing the material. An online forum, whether it is a blog or an informative forum can only attract visitors if it has high-quality material. Moreover, the material must be updated regularly for keeping it relevant for the readers.

However, writing relevant and quality posts is only the first step to improve your webpage’s effectiveness. To enhance the effectiveness and performance of your webpage you must focus on driving maximum readers to your webpage as well as improve your conversion rate.

However, because there are so many online forums covering the same type of topics, to make people land on your webpage, you first have to make it visible to them because if they can’t see it in their search results how will they land on it?

So to make your webpage appear in the search results of different queries of the people, the posts and site must be optimized. This can be done by using the most appropriate keywords, backlinks, and hyperlinks, etc. By doing this, you are actually making the search algorithm rank your site better in the search results which means people can find your site when they search for relevant topics and this means a higher probability of them visiting the site.

After you have ensured that your forum is landing in the search queries of the readers, you then have to focus on convincing them about visiting it. Let us say, your webpage is on 2 nd or 3 rd ranking for a search query but doesn’t have an optimized and attractive title and description, people won’t click through it even though it is visible to them. So, these aspects are also quite important in driving more traffic.

Now, when you have successfully managed to get people on your forum, the next step is to make them stay as well as get as many of them to convert as possible. Suppose, you have a blog and your aim is to get the maximum amount of subscribers. By keeping an eye on the rate of your conversions it can easily be determined whether all these efforts are paying off or not.

The amount of conversions is greatly influenced by the fact that whether you have rightly identified your intended consumers and are you providing them what they are looking for. These two factors are extremely important because if you are doing these wrong, you are wasting your energy, time and money. So, it is necessary that you are aware of who your readers or consumers are, where are they from, how long do they stay on your webpage and which webpages do they visit the most, etc.

When you are aware of these elements it becomes easy for you to offer your readers what they are looking for and this, in turn, helps you drive more traffic and boost your conversions. When you clearly know which posts or pages are your top performers based on the total amount of views they have and the duration they keep the readers or consumers engaged for, you can analyze them closely to figure out what makes them best and use this info to create future strategies for the rest of the pages and posts.

Some other important parameters which you must focus on to provide the best experience to your readers include the gadgets and browsers they are using to land on your webpages, their location, etc.

Now that you know which factors have a strong impact on your webpages' effectiveness, you should now be aware of how can you determine them. Well, you might have heard of analytics tools. These tools monitor your webpages and the activities happening on them and based on the info collected it shows you important parameters and metrics such as bounce rate that you can analyze to make effective strategies. Moreover, these tools send users detailed reports of the details collected. This makes it easy for you to track your performance. With the increasing competition and high consumer's demand, these tools are now used by millions of people.

Many companies are now offering highly advanced and effective analytics tools some of which are free while some are paid. Although different tools offer different features the basic purpose of all the tools is to help you track your online forum. One of the most efficient tools is AT Internet.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the features this tool offers, how these can be used to your benefit and what are its best alternatives.

AT Internet analytics solution

AT Internet

At internet is a complete suite of analytics tool which helps you keep tabs on your apps and web consumers. It lets you learn the behavior of your readers in terms of how they are interacting with your webpages so that you can make the right decisions.

The tool has paid special attention to securing your data and is GDPR compliant. The aim of the tool is to provide the most secure and safe experience and has high standards for protecting the info and privacy of the clients. Furthermore, the tool provides accurate and precise data.

The tool lets you monitor tons of important metrics that help you in making perfect future strategies. It tells you exactly which source is giving you the most traffic such as search engines, referral links, and direct traffic, etc. It has tons of analyses to keep a close eye on different parameters. It also gives you useful insights into the effectiveness of your ads campaign.

Moreover, it uses Machine Learning for its algorithm which instantly tells you the changes in traffic trends so that you can take action as quickly as possible. It also alerts you about crashes, fake and bot traffic, etc. The tool is designed to help you learn about your consumers and their experience on your platform.

The tool presents you with real-time info as well as historical details of the activities that happened on your platform. With these details, you can easily figure out trends and examine them to see what you are doing right and where you need improvements.

Data mining is another great function offered by the tool. This feature easily collects and combines all your data to help you in decision making. The best thing about this function is that is doesn’t require any code. This means you can export all your data without the need of API code.

The tool also lets you share all the key details and metrics with your team so that you can analyze them as a team. The best thing about the tool is that it not only offers you a powerful analytics solution but when you use this tool there is always a team of highly professional and experienced experts at your disposal which helps you in every step you take to get your webpage to the top.


The tool offers two pricing packages; business and premium. The business package starts at 355€/ month. This plan gives you access to dashboards, security compliance, real-time monitoring, historical details, cohorts and much more. Before purchasing it, you can apply for a free trial which you can use for one month. This is a great way to get the taste of what the tool has to offer.

The premium package doesn’t have a fixed price and you can get the details of pricing by contacting the support team of the tool. It offers you every function and feature that is offered by business plan but it also allows you advanced navigation, 4 certifications every year and much more.


Before you opt to purchase the tool, it is better that you know its alternatives and what they offer. Below we have listed the best alternatives of the tool along with all their details.

  • Google Analytics
  • IO Technologies
  • Parsely
  • Chartbeat
  • Clicky
  • Statcounter


  • Google Analytics

AT Internet

It is one of the most well-known and widely used analytical tools that Google has developed and is therefore quite efficient and effective. It is intended to assist all kinds of owners such as bloggers, media outlets, businesses, etc. It lets you track your webpages, analyze your consumers' interactions so you can make plans accordingly, and boost your effectiveness.

What most people like about this tool is that they can use it without any cost and there are no hidden charges. Moreover, it can be used on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

It consists of a variety of helpful features and measures important parameters from which you can determine exactly what to do next. You would be able to assess which pages are performing well and which one needs improvement.

The tool informs you which browsers and gadgets people use when they land on your webpages as well as their location and screen resolution etc. Such details answer the main question of who the readers are and what they are looking for. Suppose most of the people use mobile that is not flash-supported, you can make your webpages compatible with screens of mobiles, and avoid using flash.

The tool also presents you the source from which your visitors come, such as direct links, advertisements, search engines or referral links, etc., as well as the amount of visitors coming from a particular source. Again this is very useful in improving your efficiency. For instance, if you are aware most of your readers comes from search engines, then you can optimize your content accordingly. The tool also tells you which search engine sends you how many visitors like Bing, Google and so on.

In addition, you can also keep track of the webpages people visits the most, as well as the amount of time they spend on your web. Another important parameter measured by this software is bounce rate that indicates the total number of people who leave the webpage on their first visit. The goal of any online forum is to reduce this rate. These details are a great way to learn what your guests like and what they don't so that you can act to maximize no. of readers on your webpages accordingly.

The tool requires you to paste a code on your CMS to allow it to begin monitoring it. The code can be easily generated inside the tool, and the details will be automatically collected once it is pasted. This means you don't have to waste hours manually gathering the info and making spreadsheets. The tool is easy to understand and can be configured by simply creating an account and pasting the code. Then the application uses the collected info to send automated reports to you.

The reports are sent to your email every day automatically and you can also create personalized reports where you can pick the parameters you want to analyze. You are not only saving time but also energy and effort by using this tool.

  • IO Technologies

This is another outstanding tool intended to support entrepreneurs and companies alike. It helps to build consumer loyalty and to optimize your text. The data can be imported into excel sheets and can also be accessed through API.

The tool also gives you reports based on details collected from your webpages which helps you to evaluate its effectiveness and make the right decisions. Additionally, can also examine how people connect with the pictures on your blog or any online forum.

  • Parsley

Parsely is a powerful and efficient analytics tool that helps you keep tabs on their readers' behavior. This tool is used by more than 1000 online forum owners to evaluate their forum and refine their webpages for a better user experience. The tool will help you figure out what attracts the most people to your webpages.

The software is designed for both start-ups and bigger businesses alike. It does not exclude any data so you can make specific decisions. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very efficient in protecting your data privacy. The framework for protection is the EU Protection Shield, and ISO 27001. It uses a powerful AI which monitors your webpages and the behavior of people and gives recommendations for posts based on the collected information.

It presents you real-time details, showing you what people are actually doing on your webpages. In addition, the tool also provides you with historical data that helps to explain the behavior patterns of the consumers. Real-time and historical info can be used to make more informed strategies and plans for the future.

The tool offers about 30 useful metrics and parameters that will assist you in understanding your effectiveness and activities on your forum. It will calculate the total views on a post, the amount of minutes that readers have spent on a post or article, the total visitors on a specific post, the average time and the total number of times that a post has been shared. You can then easily find out which posts or articles are your best performers. You should then closely analyze them to understand what appeals to the readers and use the same approach for all other posts and material.

In addition, the tool also determines the no. of readers and engaged readers from a given area. This info can be used to identify the area from which you get the most viewers and create content that best fits their needs like creating translations of your webpages.

The tool also shows you where they come from, for example, search engines such as Google or social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Suppose, most of your readers come from Google, you'll need to focus on optimizing your site for it. What's even better, it also informs you which elements are the users engaging with the most such as videos, images or text, etc.

Details such as the gadgets, OS, and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. used by your readers to land on your webpages are also offered. You can use this information to make your content compatible with the browsers the majority of your readers use.

A recent addition to this efficient tool is“current” which lets you discover the topics which are not yet covered by many other forums. This way you have more chances of generating more traffic.

  • Chartbeat

AT Internet

It's another strong and efficient analytics software intended to support medium and large media companies in improving readers' engagement and enhance their presence on the internet. More than 60,000 businesses have used this to learn their consumer's behavior and refine their advertising based on the info gathered.

 The tool also supports Android and iOS applications from which subscribers can easily access data irrespective of where they are and develop their webpages. If you want to review the results with your team, you can use the Big Board function to view it on larger displays such as projectors.

It has 3 main functions; dashboard, reporting, and optimization.

The dashboard allows access to real-time and historical data so that you can use them to implement strategies that are likely to boost the efficiency of your forum . The real-time data tells you what is going on your platform as far as consumers' behaviors are involved, whilst the historical data can be used to assess the patterns and success of your webpages over time. Such details help you to customize your webpages and give readers what they are searching for. The platform also lets you shift details of your app to the dashboard.

The great thing about the dashboard is its ability to evaluate several forums at a time and offer you all the details in one place. This way, the webpages can be monitored concurrently and any data can be analyzed with ease.

It also includes a video dashboard that lets you analyze the material of your video output. It can inform you which video content most relates to the viewers and you can use these insights to shape all of the videos in a way that attracts people. You can monitor several videos on your forum with this function.

Next comes the reporting functionality that gives you comprehensive regular reports focused on the details obtained from your webpages. The report files sent via email and can also be shared. With the information the reports bring you, the effectiveness of your webpages can be enhanced by taking appropriate action.

Lastly, the optimization function tells you which pages are most viewed on your web, and lets you know which is your high-performing material. It will also show you how traffic on your posts increases or decreases, and how much on your webpages and posts the readers scroll down.

Furthermore, it also helps you to test the headlines and it optimizes them to make them more compelling and captivating. This means you will quickly catch the readers ' attention and convince them to read the entire post. When all of your posts are customized based on the behavior of the visitors, you can keep them on your webpages for a long time.

The tool also provides consultancy services that you can use to get the support of their extremely seasoned team of specialists and experts. They help you find out which parts of the forum you need to focus on to get to the top.

The tool provides multiple price options, starting from $7000 per month. However, there is no fixed amount and it varies depending on the no. of consumers on your forum and the degree of readers' interaction. Additionally, you can request a free trial by contacting the support team. With the free trial, no credit card details are needed.

  • Clicky

Clicky is an incredibly effective analytics platform loaded with numerous functions. It not only provides you with comprehensive historical statistics but also provides real-time data so you can check the success of your platform and keep an eye on your progress. This means you can monitor how people have interacted with your webpages in the past, and how they are currently engaging with your content.

Anyone who is on your forum for a minimum of 30 seconds is considered as engaged but they are not factored in bounce rate calculations. A free pricing plan along with 4 different paid packages are available to choose from.

  • StatCounter

It is another helpful tool that offers you the details on your consumers' engagement right as it's happening. It also helps the users to independently track each visitor's IP addresses to help you understand how they interact with your platform. The software makes analyzing the visitors ' actions relatively simple and convenient. The app has both a free and multiple paid plans, the costs of which differ depending on the amount of page views that they enable you to monitor.

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